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At Sunair Aviation, our fleet of aircraft features the most advanced equipment available in general aviation. Our high standards ensure that you will feel comfortable and confident in the environment in which you fly. We realize that you have many options for aircraft rental; therefore, we strive to make each and every experience pleasant, easy and convenient! Customer satisfaction and safety are our top priorities – Let Sunair Aviation Exceed Your Expectations!


Aircraft Ground and Flight Check Criteria

Our aircraft checkout procedures are reasonable, clearly defined and enhance the safety of our entire operation. Our flight instructors are very goal oriented and will provide a rewarding experience by tailoring your checkout to your intended use of a general aviation aircraft.

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Aircraft Profiles

BE76 Duchess

C-172 Skyhawk

PA-28R-200 ARROW 2

Weather and Notams

Notam / Weather Contractions Translator

Aviation Manuals

Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

Airplane Flying Handbook

Instrument Flying Handbook

Garmin G1000 Pilots Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I covered as a renter?

The FBO represents to the Renter that it has and will maintain at all times, public liability insurance on the aircraft in the amount of Two Million Dollars in the aggregate and Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars per passenger seat from an insurance carrier. Such coverage, which includes third party bodily injury and property damage liability, is extended to the Renter as part of the rental of the Aircraft. Additionally, the FBO maintains for its sole benefit and interest, all risk hull insurance of the Aircraft. The Renter is liable for the first $1,000 of damage in the case of an accident or incident for all aircraft, with the exception of the PA28R-200 and BE76, which is $2,500.

Can a VFR and/or IFR checkout be counted toward a IPC or BFR?

Yes, before the checkout, consult your Sunair Aviation Instructor, additional maneuvers and/or procedures may be needed to ensure 14CFR Part 61 requirments are met.

What documents do I need to bring before the checkout?

We require a Goverment Issued ID, Copy of your CURRENT FAA Medical, and a copy of you're last Biennial Flight Review.

Can I rent the Redbird FMX AATD for individual use?

Yes, which will require a checkout on system usage.

Once I'm checked out, can I schedule an aircraft any time?

Yes, you can register for an account on our online scheduling system and schedule an aircraft whenever you would like. It is available 24/7

I got a new FAA Medical and a BFR should I bring it in?

Yes, when FAA Medicals or BFR's are renewed, bring them in and we will make copies of them.

Is there a minimum flight time per day, If I rent the aircraft for 3-4 days?

We require a minimum of 3 hours per day.

I am checked out in N747AP (C172SP) for VFR and IFR operations and would like to rent the Archer N9269Q (PA28-181) for VFR and IFR operations, do I have to complete a IFR and VFR checkout?

Since you completed a VFR/IFR checkout in the Skyhawk, you will only have to complete a VFR checkout and on the different systems and then you will be approved for IFR/VFR in the Archer.

Our Multi-Engine and our Garmin 1000 equipped aircraft will require an additional "repeat" IFR checkout to ensure compentancy flying IFR with the Garmin 1000 or flying single engine approaches in the Beechcraft Duchess.

Consult your Sunair Aviation Instructor for details concerning a flight check for each individual aircraft.