Convenient Onsite Customs

Leesburg International is a Customs User Fee airport. All pilots require an over-flight permit from the customs office to clear at Leesburg. The standard fees are as follows:

  • Single engine piston - $50.00
  • Twin engine piston - $75.00
  • Single or twin engine turbo prop - $100.00
  • Small jet (less than 20,000 lbs) - $150.00
  • Jet 20,000 lbs or more - $250.00

Please note: Standard fees apply to inspections performed Monday - Friday, from 8:30am to 5:00pm. Any inspections done outside these times will be subject to an overtime fee of $140.00 in addition to the standard fee. For additional information contact Leeesburg International Airport Customs Officer at 352-787-4217.