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Discovery Flights


A Discovery Flight is the first step into the exciting world of aviation. Whether you’re just curious about what it’s like to fly a small airplane, interested in getting a pilots license, or you have the goal of a lifelong aviation career…a discovery flight at Sunair will introduce you to all the thrills aviation has to offer. Check out our Discovery Flight packages below.



Popular Questions

Can I bring a guest on the discovery flight?

Absolutely! Our Skyhawk line and Beech Duchess include 2 additional seats provided the aircraft remains within weight and balance limits! No extra cost for additional guest. Unfortunately, the seaplane cannot accommodate extra guest.


Can the flight time be counted toward my pilot license?

Yes! Any package flown in the Skyhawk can be applied toward the 35 hour private pilot minimum required by the FAA! If you’re a licensed pilot and you’re interested in a seaplane or multiengine rating, you can apply either discovery package toward your FAA minimum training hours for that certificate!


Does Sunair need a copy of my US passport or Birth Certificate prior to a discovery flight?

Documentation is not required for a discovery, however if you decide to enroll in any of our training courses, then documentation will be required prior to enrollment. See course entry prerequisites.


What flight maneuvers will I do on the discovery flight?

You will do basic flight maneuvers such as straight-and-level flight, climbs, descents, turns, and navigation! Don’t worry, our highly experienced instructors will be there right next to you to assist in any way possible!




Cleared for Takeoff (Cessna Skyhawk)


This is for the person who is reasonably certain he or she wants to pursue flight training, but just wants to be sure before committing too much time, money, or effort. You and your instructor will spend approximately 35 minutes on the ground reviewing the basics of flight and a preflight inspection. Upon completion of the flight you and your instructor will discuss in detail, the training program, enrollment, and answer any questions you may have. Upon leaving feel free to take a complimentary T-Shirt!


Cost: 30 minute – $135 | Cost: 60 minute – $258 



The Joyride (Cessna Skyhawk)


Never been up in a small airplane before? The Joy Ride is an excellent introduction to general aviation and will cover all the basics in a 30 or 60 minute flight.


Cost: 30 minute – $123 | Cost: 60 minute – $246



Splash ‘N’ Dash (Husky Seaplane)


Experience the adventure of flying a seaplane! The ‘splash and dash’ is a fun and exciting way to introduce the adventures of water flying and will cover all the basics in 30 or 60 minute flight.


Cost: 30 minute – $196 | Cost: 60 minute – $392



Twice the Power (Beechcraft Duchess)


Experience the thrill and speed of flying a multi-¡engine aircraft over central Florida! This is a great introduction to multi-engine flying and will cover all the basics in a 30 or 60 minute flight!


Cost: 30 minute – $229 | Cost: 60 minute – $457



The $100 Hamburger (Cessna Skyhawk)


This is the “Cleared for Takeoff” or “The Joyride” package with a twist! In both of these options your instructor will show you how to navigate the aircraft to another destination where you will land and enjoy a lunch on us, commonly referred by pilots as the “$100 hamburger”. This will be a fun and exciting way to discuss any questions you may have about our training program or just talk “airplanes!” (2 lunches max)


Option 1 – (120 minute): Flight to the Flagler County Airport. After landing enjoy a lunch at the Highjackers restaurant! – $522


Option 2(90 minute): Flight to the Ocala International Airport. After landing enjoy a lunch at the Tailwinds Cafe! – $399



Includes Taxes, Prices subject to change