Bringing the dream within reach.


Whatever your reasons have been for putting off flight training in the past, Pilot Finance has removed all of the obstacles so that you can begin your life as a pilot . . . . today!


If you already have your certificate, Pilot Finance can help you earn advanced ratings such as the instrument rating or commercial pilot certificate.





You won’t have to come up with a fortune to begin flight training. You won’t watch your credit card balance climb after each lesson. You won’t have to consider dropping out because the cost are building up.




There is no red tape required to process an application. Flight training financing is all we do, so we have streamlined each step. You just apply, sign and fly!




Pilot Finance has created a number of programs to fit your exact needs. Check out the customer brochure to find the plan that works best for you.




Pilot Finance lets you earn the certificate or advanced rating you want, with no financial shocks along the way. Everything is clearly spelled out up front.



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