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Private Pilot


Whether you plan to make aviation a career or just for fun, this is your first step in becoming a pilot! With our FAA approved 141 program, you will learn the fundamental skills and techniques that will be the foundation of all future ratings. Sunair Aviation has a rigorous selection process for Flight Instructors to insure our students get the best quality training from the start. You will most likely carry the habits that you have obtained in Private Pilot training through the rest of your flying career. Developing good habits from the start will lead to more success in the future.



Popular Questions

What aircraft will I start in?

Most of our students start in the Cessna 172. However, other aircraft are available which would adjust the price.


What is the cost for books/materials, and are their any other expenses?

We required students to purchase our Jeppesen 141 private pilot kit, which cost approximately $350. Other expenses include; FAA medical ($150), FAA Written Test ($150), Headset (Optional), and your Pilot Certification Test (approximately $500 depends on which examiner is available).


Can I count time in the Redbird simulator towards my required 35 hours training time?

Yes! The FAA permits 5 hours (15 percent) of simulator time toward the private pilot requirments! We conduct emergency operations and navigation in the simulator.


How many people pass on the first try?

We’ve provided professional flight training for the past 40 years and we’re proud to hold a 96% pass rate on all initial certification test, from the initial private pilot to the Phd of flying, the Airline Transport Pilot certificate!



Entry Prerequisites

  • 16 years old prior to solo & 17 years old prior to FAA flight test
  • FAA 3rd Class medical
  • Rental form completed
  • US unexpired Passport or Birth Certificate and government issued Photo ID
  • TSA logbook endorsement



Hour Break Down

Minimum hours of training under FAR 141 Appendix B



  • 25 hours flight instruction, with a minimum in the following areas:
  • 3 hours instrument
  • 3 hours cross-country training
  • 3 hours night (one cross-country more than 100nm and 10 takeoff / landings
  • 3 hours in preparation for the test
  • 5 hours Simulator instruction
  • 5 hours of solo flight
  • 1 cross-country more than 100 nm, with 3 landing points, and at least one 50 nm leg
  • Three takeoff / landings at an airport with an operating control tower
  • 35 hours of ground instruction



Approximate Cost: $9,720


Price includes tax. Training materials and FAA exam fees not included. Prices subject to change.